Pls-Looking for Mechanic-West London-Slough-ATS Speed Drive


I am looking for a good mechanic to install the ATS drive for me in the West London, possibly Slough area. Any ideas?

I’d like to move the ATS drive from my old Mark Sanders edition to a new Strida 5.1 and I wonder if that can be done. I am klutz with such things and don’t have the time, so I am looking for someone to do this for me.

Are there any Strida friendly services left in the UK anyway?

This should not be a challenge for any well-trained and interested bike mechanic. :sunglasses:

Perhaps are a few tools required, these, as like spare parts and grease, can be ordered here:

Good luck for finding someone :smiley:

Well the one mechanic I found has taken it away, read the manual and now bringing it back untouched free of charge, so that made me sad…

Just move on…

Within the last twelve years I’ve repaired several Strida issues and exchanged tons of informations - I can guarantee that there is no rocket science inside of a Strida :confused: :laughing:

I tell you; an experienced mechanic has already 98 % of the required knowledge/skills - the missing 2 % are ATS/Schlumpf specific hints. Gladly I’ll share this 2 % with your mechanic if you could connect us :wink:

Just to give an update on the success of the day!


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As I said. I had massive trouble finding a service which would take on this very unique job I had on my folding Strida 5.3 bike with ATS drive. Fortunately Adam have took it on, and despite many difficulties and setbacks managed to see it through and made me very happy in the end. Adam seems to be very creative, adventures individual with can-do attitude and one can’t ask for more from his service man! Will be back!

That’s great, many thanks for posting :smiley: