Hi Everyone,

Own a black SX then last night here in California just picked up another one, (better photos to come) of a two tone SX, with silver front stem & carrier rack with a standard blue frame & the name PIETER SMIT on the lower frame.

Does anyone know anything about this model, when I google the name PIETER SMIT STRIDA a few entries come up but nothing is specific except a company of the same name in Europe who raffled one of as a Donation in 2014.

I am intrigued, the serial number is M09J005339

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

I LOVE STRIDA, especially the SX*

Having a few difficulties registering my account if someone coukd advise, posted earlier message a few minutes ago with the heading HELP, my email is


Hi, I have asked my contacts at Strida if they can help with info, I will post what I find.

cheers, Bill

Thank you Everyone,

Got word back, its one of only 180 ever made by Ming for a Euro Distributor!

Great colour scheme, like to attach some photos but dont see an attachment icon anywhere

Here is a photo DoctorStrida’s limited SX, there were 180 produced for Vanmoof in 2010.

Cheers, Bill