Photos taken at Taipei Cycle Show 2008


Left: Normal-Sized Strida
Right: “Mini-Strida”


Selling Prices of Stridas in Taiwan:
5.0 NT$14800
5.1 NT$19800
Mini NT$16xxx :confused:

Where to buy the bike in Taiwan?

The Strida 5.0 is no longer available in Taiwan now.
They have Strida 5.1 and Strida Mini 4.1 selling in Taiwan:

You can buy the bike from the dealers in Taiwan:

Or you can buy it online from here:

What are the differences between 5.0 and 5.1? Is the 5-spider arm crank only on the mini or is it typical for the 5.1 as well?

You can refer to this thread on the forum: :wink:

Oh, yeah, I forgot most of the improvements are cosmetic. I’ve already upgraded my 5.0 with the kickstand, alloy rack and saddle bag but I haven’t changed the grips, pedals and wheels so I guess I now have a Strida 5.05 :wink:

I’m guessing the five-arm spider is only on the mini.

Yes, you’re right. :wink: