Photos of Strida 5.0 "Sport"


Thanks GREAT pictures.

But did you notice in the folded picture its not folded down properly: the bottom tube has not been fully clipped in between the other tubes :slight_smile:

I just got my Strida 5 and it does not come with that cool kickstand in the pictures you have. I checked and see no offer of kickstands. The kickstand has the Strida name on it. How did you get it?

The Hong Kong distributor of Strida sells the kickstand, rear light and carrying bag together with Strida 5 as a package. However, customers can still order the kickstand separately from them.

Here is the list of accessories available from STRIDA HK:

P.S. US$1 = HK$7.8

There are ‘buy it now’ Strida 5s from HongKong on eBay, £330 + £40 postage.

I’m happy with my 2.5 for now.