Photos of a modified Strida 2.5 in Hong Kong

Strida 5.1 Vs. Strida 2.5

More photos of the Strida 2.5


How old is it?
What is original, what is modified?
Is that the original belt? How much mileage does the bike have on it?

As seen in the photos on the first post of this thread, the owner has changed the seat and a pair of bar ends is attached on the handle bars. You can see the original seat and handle bars without bar ends in the second post.
There’re magnet and cup on the plastic wheels which are suppoed to be a pair of plastic clip rings on Strida 2.x.
The folding padels are the model used on Strida 3 and 5.
In the last photo of the second post, the owner has changed the tyres and the fenders have been removed, too.
I think the belt is the original one.

Since the bike is not mine, I don’t know too much about it actually.

I know that Strida 2.5 was manufactured during 2000 to 2002 before Strida 3 launched in 2002. The main different between Strida 2 and Strida 2.5 is the folding handle bars.

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