Paying it Forward

This is my first Strida Forum post after visiting the site as a guest many times over the past five years. Let me cut to the chase… I have a second generation Strida that I disassembled for parts due to a failed axle mechanism [a plastic and metal assembly-- not the actual frame]. Everything else worked great on the bike. But I couldn’t repair it because I couldn’t get any replacement parts anywhere-- new or used. And I’m just without the know-how to retrofit the bike. To make a long story short, I would like to give away for free this complete set of Strida parts: wheels, frame and all. All you have to do is take care of the shipping from the West Coast. Hopefully, a Strida enthusiast will be spared the crushing disappointment that his/her favorite bike is irreparable.



Two weeks after my offer to give away a full set of Strida parts in good condition-- minus 1 axle-- and there are still no takers… Bummer that I have run out of time and storage space. I’m planning on listing the items on E-bay sometime before the end of October 2013. Check back for the url’s of the Ebay auctions I will post here in the forum. Stayed tuned for some uncommonly good bargains…

I am interested, I am the Canadian Strida distributor
I have the space and I can provide a U.S. address. Maybe I can pay,pay it forward. Recently with there not being a U.S. distributor I have been shipping parts, accessories and bikes to the U.S. The shipping zip would be 99121 Danville Wa. Please Pm me or contact me through my site.

Bill Wilby Strida Canada West