Pannier that fits?

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of any good panniers that can be securely attached to Strida’s (aluminum) rack. I’d love to get one and will appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

Well, guess I’ll answer my own question. I bought an Inertia Designs Metro Pannier after reading this review:

There are many good design features that make it a great choice for people who need a grocery/shopping type of pannier. The best thing about it is that the positions of its two hooks are adjustable, allowing it to fit Strida’s unconventional rack. You may want to remove the pannier before folding though.

I bought this bag and it is wonderful on the Strida. My Strida dealer’s website has panniers too, but I found this great for anything. -petes … cts_id=240

Hi folks,

I thought I’d bring up this old thread to ask if there have been any more developments in the pannier world. I’d like to hand a couple on my rack on my SX, but I’m concerned about clearance for my feet on the pedals. There’s also this thread, about a radically different approach:

Thanks for any advice.

I use classic saddle bags from Carradice because of the same reason. I tried small panniers once, but I had problems with the clearance.

The Xootr Crossrack is an interesting solution, but you loose the stand for the folded bike.

I also strapped a Carradice Nelson longflap on my strida and have zero problems with heel strike after that. it was the best solution for me because I get to keep the rack for a stand, even though that xootr cross rack looks really good.

Interesting. These Carradice bags look pretty wide – is there some internal structure that keeps them stable and in place when not full? Thanks.

Actually the carradice bags are as wide as you are so if it is causing any wind resistance your legs would be blocking most of it anyways.

as for keeping them in place, the bags contain a big wooden dowel so it holds it’s shape when empty. They work best with brooks saddles but I just had a typical spring saddle so I used some carabiners to hook onto the metal frame of the seat and then one bungee cord to tie it down to the strida rack. It’s super stable like that without any wobbling around like when I first only had carabiners and it’s quickly removed when I get to work. else strapping it directly onto the seat rails with the leather strap was time consuming for me.

Here is another thread talking about Carradice bags. :wink:
[url]Carradice Camper LongFlap - #7 by Ed11]

I just fitted a Xootr CrossRack to my Strida, with the Xootr pannier that’s designed for it. Had to remove the Strida rack, of course. Seems pretty good so far, plus the Xootr pannier can fit my backpack inside it, yet folds flat if necessary. Only question now is whether the back wheel can handle the weight–must keep that air topped up, I suppose.

(Old post, but it gets found by ‘strida pannier’, so I’ll update here)

An interesting option, which is mentioned on the Russian strida retailer web site, is Topeak trunk bag dxp.

It’s a bag unfortunately - no shoulder straps on it for carrying while the bike is folded. But otherwise looks interesting.

But at the English page it means:

Yes, sorry, I’ve meant that there are no (two) straps that would allow to wear it rucksack-style. Well, maybe for 22l bag it is not that important…

UPD: I don’t get yet, whether I need to upgrade my standard (strida 5.2) allow rear rack to ‘pannier rack’ (with struts on both sides).
UPD2: Probably not, because the entire system sits higher than the rear wheel (at least in my case - I have the saddle positioned on the same height as on the picture by the link).

Hi at all, I think it’s the solution:

I’m having good luck with the Timbuk2 Tandem using the pannier rack: