Pacific Cycles Buys Swivel-Head technology from MAS-Design

Pacific Cycles Buys Swivel-Head folding bike technology from Mark Sanders, the creator of Strida.

That’s the reason why Mark Sanders appeared in the factory of Pacific Cycles

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700c wheels on a compact wheelable folder that HAS to be folding bike nirvana :smiley:

Latest news from Pacific Cycles’ website … 0=2&cat=25
“The most exciting moment will be the official announcement of the IF (formerly known as Swivel-Head Technology) series, 3 models available: IF Mode(City), IF Cross(Cross country/City), and IF REACH(Foldable compact).”

Photo of a prototype dated 21 December, 2007

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is it time to start saving ?

Yes, I always keep saving money for my next “toy”. :wink:

This Youtube clip is instructive too.

But I doubt the Train where I live would allow such a big bike
even folded as good as this one is.

Nice Trance music !! … oh and the bike’s not bad either :smiley:
Just like Strida … makes perfect sense … never carry … just roll !!
also see

A nice video model too. :wink:

Swivel-Head article from TreeHugger: … ad_fol.php

What I like about Mark Sanders is his approach that one should be able to roll the folded bike as easy as possible.

My old Microbike has that approach too but not implemented as successfully as Mark has managed to do it.

Chop at LongJohn write about it here

Here is Mark’s old drawins on Strida.

Latest photo from Pacific Cycles’ website … 0=2&cat=25

They are so used to know what IF stands for so they forget to tell it in the text.

IF = Integrated Folding


Integrated makes sense. I thought of “Interesting” or “Innovative” or “Intelligent” or “Inventive” or “Intuitive” and a lot of things but integrated never occured to me. My English is not that good to know such fancy words as integrated. :slight_smile:

So production of the IF is no longer “if” but “when” and that looks to be soon after the middle of this month. I wonder how widely distributed it will be.

Does anyone know for sure if Pacific Cycles actually DID show these bikes at the Taipei show this past week? I noticed that Pacific’s announcement about it on their website has been removed…! Amuro… anyone?
I’ve been wanting to buy one of these bikes since I first heard about it almost TWO years ago, so the suspense is making me crazy!.. Thanks for any confirmable news!

They certainly did - see the pictures posted by Strida singapore it looks like were overwhelmed with interest.

Hi there Human Amp -

Thanks A LOT for linking me to these photos!
They are good ones too, and a lot of 'em.
I have been talking with bike retailers here in California, who weren’t sure whether or not to believe that this bike was really real or just vaporware… so now I can show them these photos :slight_smile: MANY thanks to both you and Steven, who took them at the show!

yippee :smiley:

Latest pictures and videos of the IF series bikes on Mark’s website

I have to say, IF Mode is so COOL! :open_mouth: