Our new chainwheel set for strida 5.0

Good day dear All,

Here is our chain system for Strida 5.0, I know some of you may already did before I upload these photos, but this is just the beginning from Five Big, we also will do same to Strida 3.0 and EVO version soon.

( Strida 3.0 with chain system will be done before TC show, also I will upload some photos to here. Please wait for couple days with patience… :wink: )

The ratio is 4.062, 65T : rear 16T freewheel
I know the ratio is bigger than current one :open_mouth: , and I also have 60T chainwheel in hand for Strida 3.0… :smiley:

Here we go… :wink: :wink: :wink:

AS my personal & my manager’s test ride this morning:
The chain system is running smoothly when test riding this morning, also very stronger than belt one, but due to we use 65T chainwheel/ PCD 144mm/ crank is 170mm for Strida 5.0, actually the total weight is a little bit heavier than current belt system but not really heavy, just a little bit.

And my manager said: " AWESOME" after his test riding… :smiley: :smiley:

hi! i bought my strida bike a year ago. can i also apply this chain version to my bike? where can i find this parts?thank you :open_mouth:

Hello Jacopo,

welcome at Stridaforum!

Of course, yes :slight_smile:

You might ask the manufacturer directly:

Strong Micro - Teams / smtbike

Mailto: smt.bike@msa.hinet.net
Skype: victoria.wuliu

Best regards,


Hi all,

Sorry for late reply because I was busy for Taipei cycle show last week… but I still out off office now for meetings.

And thanks for BSA, thanks for offered my contact info!! :smiley:

If there are any problems, please let me know, thanks! :wink:

Very nice. As an owner of a “chain-enabled” Strida, I really recommend the modification, it gives a totally new riding experience. :smiley:

Hi Googleg,

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: i will ride it next week from home to work… it’s pretty interesting to me! I believe same to you :wink:

Could you please confirm: on the pictures posted above, is the chainwheel a 60T or 65T ?

It looks like 60…

Hi Googleg,

Sorry for late reply…
actually, I modified 2 Strida, one is 60T, another one is 65T.
so… hope it’s ok to you. :wink:

Hi Googleg,

This one is 65T. like what I’ve wrote at the first message :wink:

A closer look at Five Big’s website makes it easy:

AFG-C-65T - 65 teeth - “a tree with three branches”

AFG-C-60T - 60 teeth - “a tree with just two branches”

Correct? :laughing:


Exactly! :wink:

All right, thank you !

you’re welcome :wink:


i know this is kind of an old “story” but what about the freewheel, is that FW-Trial or FW-BMW from your site?

Thank you

Hi joeadrian,

unfortunately left Victoria Five Big a while ago, but I’m still in contact with this company.
You need just one of the freewheels - and in Europe, I guess?

I need a chainwheel with 65T, crank 175mm, axle SQ (of course for Strida) in black color.

smtbike.com.tw/en/products/? … il&aid=141

and 2 freewheels (a 16T and a 18T). I measured today the freewheel inner circle and it seems that it is a standard 34.92mm freewheel and its width is 20mm

I already send them an e-mail… but i don;t know how to get JUST these pieces in Europe for me, and it is not really clear which freewheel did they use (in the pictures above)

(do you have a larger order from them time to time, do you have a shop in Austria?)

Thank you

I see…

Well, usually they don’t really like to sell single units, but they’re making exceptions, too.
Let’s wait a few days for a reply - maybe it’s possible directly.

Not large, but orders sometimes - and I don’t have a shop, still private.
(I do have support of local and international dealers, but there’s no commercial interest from my side.)

Please let me know what you find out :smiley:
(Guess we’ll meet them at the Eurobike/Friedrichshafen, don’t you want to attend us? :mrgreen: )

really thank you for your help Blackstridaaustria

I hope I will one of their exception (for 3 pieces) if not, i will ask them if they have a dealer in Korea because I have a friend there… and if they don;t have :slight_smile: than I will ask you if you can help me.

I have a new job (and a new style of bicycling = Strida) and for sure I can come in August to the EXPO :frowning:((((((

I have a cousin not to far from that city… maybe through his eyes I will be there…

Hej, no reason for thanks, so far I did nothing :smiley:

I don’t know anything about the contacts of Five Big, but Korea seems good…at least it’s much closer to them. OK, if that doesn’t work please tell me - then I’ll try to import a few to Europe on my own risk - don’t worry, you’ll get it, it’s just a matter of time I believe :laughing:

I think to understand; too short in the new job…anyway it is much more important than the fair - wish you have much success :wink:

… and for sure I can’T come in August…
sorry for that

and I’m really really want that 65T chainring