Original Strida I think broken chainset

Hi I hope somebody can help. I have what I think is an original Strida in Black and the drive wheel that takes the belt has lost part of the rim exposing some teeth and they are also slightly eroded…This causes a click sometimes the belt jumps a tooth. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a new drive? And where can I find disassembly instructions / manual?
Cheers Paul

Hi Paul,

before we can tell you if there is help we need more info!
Please either post images of the bike by yourself or send them to me, you could also search the web and supply links to matching pictures.

All the old Strida manuals can be found at Mark Sanders’ issu page here:

Example Strida 1 manual:



Thanks Chris for your prompt reply.
Pretty sure it is a MK1…I will photo it and post.
Thanks again.

Hi Chris sorry to be a pain but could you tell me how to post pics to this thread.
Cheers Paul

Hi Chris again
Have just checked out the MK1 manual on issuu and it is definitely my bike.
Thanks Paul

Hi Budger,

I’m not Chris but let me link you to my forum post about this topic. Unlike many other forums you can not upload photos to this forum’s server but have to find online gallery where to upload them. My post demonstrates how this forum handles photos in various size.

[url]the new frame bag for Strida]

I hope this post of mine helps you. Feel free to ask more if in doubt.