orientation of the washer in handlebar lock part 215-09

Hello all, does anyone knows the correct orientation of the washer in the handlebar lock, part 215-09 ? at least mine is not rectangular, it’s more like a trapezoid, it’s cracked now and I have ordered a replacement from strida Canada west, I want to know so not to crack the new one.

Thanks in advance


Hello Simon,

I believe it’s usually mounted pointing downwards (meaning the straight edge with 4 corners), but it works vice-versa, too.
Also, I’m pretty sure that it did not brake not due to wrong orientation, it’s just overused plastic.
(In other words - depending on bolt torque and clamp use frequency - it will break again sooner or later.) Fortunately it’s not an expensive part :neutral_face:

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Thanks again Chris for your fast response


Hi Simon, this may help, the corners that are shaped do face down on new Strida bikes, the curve of the washer fits the round axle. I don’t see a reason other than so the nylon washer is less visible. I don’t think it would matter if it was installed with the shaped corners facing up.


Bill, with your explanation now it´s cristal clear and the orientation is just esthetic.

Thanks for taking the time to explain