Ordering the STRIDA Trilock System

This topic is for people that would like to pre-order a trilock system as published on the stridaforum here: Rear hinge 2022 – TriLock system, for all Strida versions

In collaboration with Chris (Blackstridaaustria on the strida forum) we’ve decided to organize the sale and delivery via the STRIDA.NL shop system. You can place your pre-order here:

Since we’re waiting for the first 25 orders to be fulfilled we can not give a definite delivery date yet. We will keep you updated in this topic with the stats below.

Pre-orders sold thus far: 1 out of 25
*we just started selling them on this topic :), so currently just 1 pre-order sold.

We will start producing after the first 25 pre-orders have been placed to cover some of the start-up production costs. Seeing the interest on the STRIDA forum we expect this to not take all too long but we can not make any guarantees. We will keep you updated about the amount of orders placed on the forum.

If the minimum amount of pre-orders is never reached and production is not started we will cancel your pre-order and provide a full refund.

This is not an official STRIDA product but has been developed by Mark Sanders (the inventor of STRIDA!: https://www.stridaforum.com/admin/users/2533/mark_sanders) and Chris (Profile - Blackstridaaustria - STRIDA FORUM).

Any profits that remain after covering the substantial start up costs will be used to continue hosting and supporting the stridaforum.com in the future.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this on the forum.