Ordering Freewheel from USA

Hello All,

I live in the US and have been trying to find a freewheel to replace the worn one on my Strida 5.0. Have tried contacting East Coast Cycle Supply (ECCS) and Areaware, per advice from related messages on this site. Unfortunately, ECCS does not currently stock the item and Areaware has yet to respond. I did find a couple websites that sell the freewheel (the alloy version), but they do not ship to the US. I will hunt around some more, but thought I’d post to this site first in case anyone knew of an available supplier. To note, I would be satisfied with either the plastic or alloy freewheel.


Hello MachNone,

did you ask Bill from Strida Canada West?


In case of emergency I would be able to send you an aluminium freewheel from Austria,
naturally we do have them in stock :smiley:

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Blackstridaaustria, thanks for the info! Unfortunately, Strida Canada West does not ship to the US. :frowning:

But I’m not in desperate need of the freewheel… at the moment. Will give Areaware a bit longer to respond. And thanks for your offer of the freewheel. In case this does become an emergency, how much would you charge for the freewheel? Is this the plastic one?


Hi Machnone,

Did you try this one: http://www.strida.tv/lang-en/spare-parts/154-alloy-freewheel-.html ? They seem to deliver all over the world.

This online shop is managed by the French Strida importer.
I recently ordered my freewheel through this online shop. At the end of the ordering process, the website mentioned that parts could not be delivered at my address (web site error). I then sent them an email and got quickly a reply that I could order the part by phone as well, which I did. I received the part the next day! Ok Belgium is neighboring France, but it shows you their good service level.


Hello Greg,

thanks for the info about the US shipping, I didn’t know that.

Please note that I’m neither a dealer, nor interested to make money with Strida parts, I just want to supply support as far as possible.
Of course, I would beg for refund of all costs (parts cost, shipping and maybe paypal fees).
You will find the amounts in a private mail (upper left)…and you might be surprised.

As already mentioned above, it would be the Aluminium version.

You did know that there is also a special tool needed to change the freewheel?
Descriptions are here, please scroll down to tool “T”.
Be careful when purchasing these tools, the prices at the web are strongly different (Shimano was seen from ~ 12,50 up to 78 US$ !)

Sorry, I’m unable to recommend Strida France due to very bad personal experience… :imp:

Hi, MachNone, I have sent you a PM, Bill stridacanada.ca

To all,

maybe I can help? :wink:
please send me mail: victoria.wuliu@gmail.com
or skype me: victoria.wuliu


Yeah, that’s what I really like to see here - international cooperation!

Thanks to all :laughing:

hehhehhee, no problem! :wink:

Thanks to all who responded to my post!


I am acquiring both the alloy freewheel and required installation tool from Blackstridaaustria, who very graciously went out of his way to obtain these parts.

Bietrume, I visited the French Strida site and the US was not offered as a shipping destination. Didn’t email them given the other options I had locally. But thanks for providing another resource I can reference for all things Strida.

Areaware responded and stated that they are no longer the US distributor for Strida parts. As of this date, the current US distributor for such parts is East Coast Cycle Supply (ECCS).