Oneseven's Carbon Fiber parts

Oneseven, member of the HongKongStridaForum posted here (login required)
pics of carbon fiber parts.

full res. pics

Thank you!

Oneseven is the vice-chairman of Hong Kong Strida Club. :wink:

Oh, I see…

Are there any (english) details? :blush:

Here is the members of the executive committee of Hong Kong Strida Club in 2011-2012. :wink:

Chairman - Wilson
Vice-chairman - Marvin (oneseven)
Secretary - Jeff (grd727)
Committee members - TINTIN, clp, Amuro Lee

More of oneseven’s excellent carbon fiber work. :sunglasses:

Many thanks!

…and by the time, dreams may become true :laughing:

OneSeven’s carbon fibre parts are officially available: