Nice Strida1 on Ebay UK … 1c190815c9

or item: 120679044553

Very tempted ! … but I’m sure Mrs T will say “What another bike” :smiley:

how do i work out how old my strida is(mk 1 11 111) lable says 1986 its black ally frame raised red name on head stock. im sure you will all know but , i know nothing.

I think you can refer to this post. :wink:
[url]Old stuff about the past generations of Strida]

very usefull link , i shall be away to the shed to check frame no.

the link was to this-
•Bikes numbered 1 to 3000, where made by Remploy, in Glasgow, Scotland in 1987/88. These had good paint, but a heavy steel carrier. The front joint on these where more brittle (acetal), than later bikes and could be broken if the bike was abused. These where mostly sold in the USA and UK. Bikes Numbered 3001 to about 20,000 where made by Acton Engineering In Nottingham. These where the best built bikes, with lightweight nylon carriers. Bikes numbered 20,000 onwards where made By Casa Hipolito in Portugal, these had less quality control and lower quality, brake levers and brake cables where used which worked OK but where not as smooth as earlier bikes.

my frame number 11251 i think. should have written it down. nice to know its on the list as best built bikes :smiley: