Next broken hinge -

Hello Strida People - am writing to express a bit of frustration :frowning: my hinge broke on my Strida SX 2022 that I bought a couple of years ago and have only ridden quite infrequently.

Admitedlly very slight mistreatment of the bike - I pushed the folded bike under a table with my foot, the magentic clip between the wheels seperated then as the frame tube seperated a little the hinge snapped
was not a great deal of force and only a small angle between the tubes so was v surprised the hing failed so easily - but kinda my fault :shrugs:

However its 35 euro to buy the small plastic part needed?

AND Strida would not ship anythng from Europe to England for less the 175 euro? (another brexit bonus :frowning: ) so had to be shipped from taiwan via ebay and cost me £50!

So - 2 questions:

1/ Was it just bad luck my hinge snapped or is it really super fragile?

2/ Are there any better ways to get hold of hinges - for when this inevitably happend again - can they be 3d printed maybe ?

3/ ok 3rd question - my strida squeaks a bit when riding uphill / under strain - should I worry about that too?

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Hello nevermind,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

I mean you had good luck!
Imagine that happens during riding :face_with_spiral_eyes:

What you describe above - that is certainly NOT the typical reason to replace the two plastic “pans”.
It is a very common beginner’s fault to “let the front tube go”, meaning that the ball pops out of the pan - then it should be replaced for safety reasons.
But in your case - with, obviously, very less force - I’d suspect a production issue.
Very hard to see at your image - but aren’t there two tiny bubbles present in the fractured surface? :thinking:

Indeed yes, there are better ways - if it really happens again - please think of me next time :wink:
(I’m a private person only, but I’m pretty sure that I can forward parts to UK, of course without any additional charges.)

Regarding 3D printing (having a little bit of experience with a cheap Anycubic 3D printer) I must say that common hobby printers would most likely not be able to produce the “pan” with the required, very smooth surface.
I personally (being too stupid for CAD programs) could not re-construct the part and moreover that we do not have any material specs.

No real reason to worry.
But I’d recommend to keep an eye on the two bearings 100-03 and 100-04 at the front end of the bottom tube.
Check them occasionally for their presence and integrity (they may actually disintegrate, especially the lower one) - it is NOT required that they “run good”.
It is also time to react if you experience the belt running off sideways.

And if it is just annyoing and you’d like to get rid of it then please type “rear hinge” into the forum search field and read the first three, four threads :nerd_face:

Kind regards,


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Hi Nevermind, just for future reference I do stock the ball and socket and the cost is less than what you experienced. But note I am winding down my Strida sales so at some point my parts will no longer be available. Strida Ball Joint Socket - Strida Canada West

Cheers, Bill

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Ahh ok - thanks for the help folks.
Yes there are a few small bubbles where it has fractured - guess I was just unlucky/lucky :sweat_smile:

Will certainly check back in here if I need a part again in future - cheers🙏

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My personal experience with that brilliant socket shows that that kind of break is not dangerous for riding at all. The construction of the bike makes that the force of weight from the rider keeps the bike completely in place and operational.
Moreover the hinge with only one leaf makes the unfolding even easier.

I bought a replacement from Bill some time ago, but I am waiting for a general renovation of my strida (my wish is to repaint the bike).

I ride a lot, almost daily (as long as I do not have to replace something like rear tire which dies very fast or the freewheel which dies from time to time or KS gearbox which dies quite rarely) and I ride with this hinge like this since the beginning of my adventure with Strida which is about 5.5 years.

Of course, this is just my personal experience and I do not encourage anyone to drive with this part in this condition.

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