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I currently have a Mk 3 silver aluminium Strida that I just picked up a few weeks ago. My first Strida was a Mk 1 that I found leaning against a black wall in a large indoor antique market called Snoopers Paradise in Brighton (my home town/City) in the U.K. I was amazed to see that the ticket price was a mere £40, it was a no- brainer, I had to become its new custodian immediately. I’d never seen one before, it was love at first sight! My first impressions were that it was designed in the most extraordinary minimalist way, which was not only beautiful but a complete stroke of genius! A true work of art in every way, designed with a purpose. Everything about the Strida is sensuous in its lines and curves. Definitely worthy as a work of art mounted on a wall to be admired by every design aficionado.

The whole back story of the Stida’s inception is fantastic. British design, form and function at it’s very best…. Yes, I’m a complete design freak and for me the Strida 1 concept is absolutely perfect. I would say I am approached by people, on average, three times a day, by people who want to know what the heck my amazing Mk 3 bike is. The triangular form of the bike is the main attraction that makes the Strida so unforgettable and a major talking point.

Sadly, I don’t have the Mk 1 anymore. I was run off the road by a double decker bus at a major intersection and the back end of the bike was destroyed. However, I have seen a couple of Mk 1’s available recently but I’m in a quandary about buying another one. I love the Mk 3 because it has all the elements of the Mk 1 but more refined. I think the Mk 5 has all the upgrades and options I could wish for but in my mind the modernisation takes it too far away from the original concept I fell for in the first place. It’s the quirks of the first three Mk’s that do it for me. You have to work harder with the bikes to get the real pleasure out of them to my mind. They stay pure to the original concept.

I’d be interested to hear others opinions on the matter. I feel I’m bordering on being a purist but at the same time I’m wondering whether would enjoy the latest editions more. One thing I know is that I prefer the 16” wheel models due to the Strida’s origins. Let me know your thoughts. I’m sure that your opinions will broaden mine. I have a lot to learn.

Hi Anton,

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I’m surprised always that there are still many of these ancient bikes alive.
Also, I like to see how much enthusiasm they generate.
Just finally; I’m truly able to understand why the enthusiastic period can be pretty short…
…I guess that is the point in time where the owners realize that it is nowadays totally impossible to find certain spare parts.

As a fan, you might know already that Mark Sanders supplied some 3D files to replace a few parts.
But, for example Strida 3 metal hubs, wheels, brake assemblies etc. can’t be substituted this way.

Aluminium and plastics don’t become better over time, some of these bikes are meanwhile over 35 years old - I do believe that this fact on its own is an important safety argument.

Personally, for continuous riding, I’d not recommend a Strida older than 5.0 - simply because I can be sure to find any required spare part on the market.

Regarding purity of the original concept, well…in my opinion, Ming cycle made the Strida in general a bit better (metal wheels, moving the freewheel back) and in some details worse (rear hinge) than the initial product. But the real concept modifications were negligible - I’d see them in two and three speed drives, 18" wheels and perhaps the QRS saddle system.

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Hi Anton, I don’t know if you will see this post, or if anyone will, but I have just joined the forum as I have two Mk1 Strida bikes and a few spares for sale but I don’t know what their true value is, so any advise from anyone would be most helpful. Thanks to anyone who can help.