New to Strida- hello and questions

Hello everyone,

Firstly, a big thanks to the regular contributors on here - there is a wealth of information here that has already educated me, and prevented me making some mistakes!

Who what where?
I’m in Australia, a fan of folding bikes (I’m very fond of my Brompton), and just acquired a used ‘Strida’. After some poking around here, I think it is better termed a ‘Strida Like Object’. It’s a Ming Tai variant, and if I understand correctly, this is the same factory that produces the official Stridas? Mine is cream coloured, and clearly a v5 clone- disc brakes, metal bottom bracket assembly, and wire not plastic wheels. Frame is definitely aluminium (failed the magnet test).

It needs a bit of TLC, which I’m in the process of doing, not least a good clean (Any tips for getting the black plastic looking less faded?). However, for only $85 Aussie, it’s good value.

I’d appreciate some pointers. I’ve looked at the tech section here, and read Mark Sanders tips pages.
Two main problems really: Firstly, belt tension. I’m getting the popping under power (uphill). I’ve tightened the belt from the bottom bracket, but don’t really know how tight to get it. It is pretty tight now - It twangs slightly and doesn’t deflect more than about 2cm. I haven’t yet adjusted the snubber, figuring to change only one variable at a time. Snubber clearance looks good, but it’s very hard to see back there. Also, the snubber is bolted to the frame with the bolt head accessed through the disc rotor - once loosened, is the bearing on an eccentric mounting? How does it come closer/further to the belt?

Secondly, general, and non specific squeaks. Handlebars, plastic seat mounting and pedals are all squeaking/creaking. I’ve tightened the handlebar clamp mechanism, and this has helped. What else should I look at?

Lastly, I have an odd click/clunk when the left hand pedal/crank is just past the top of the stroke (say 10 o’clock). It only happens under load - can’t reproduce when stationary. I’ve tightened the crank bolts. Any ideas?

So, that’s the problems.

So far I’m very intrigued with the bike. It’s very fun to coast (i.e. when not creaking!), and I like its upright position, handling and general quirkiness. The fold takes a bit of getting used to (partly due to my familiarity with the Brompton). But, variety is the spice of life!

Pic with general bike clutter attached.

Thanks for having me.


Hello Speedy611,

as far I know there is only Ming Cycle/Taiwan, who produces the official, genuine Strida - and no “variants”.

Sadly the magnet test tells nothing about thickness and structure of the used tubes…

I’ve had a further look at exactly the same bike, owned by a friend here in Vienna:
Generally, there are big technical differences to an original Strida, these SLO’s are simply not comparable (that’s meant without evaluation).
Therefore, I’m really sorry to say, some tips and tricks of our forum will not “fit”.

My personal tip is: Keep an eye on your frame - constantly.
Please be careful, human body repair is still difficult…

Does your frame also look like that below? :open_mouth:

(1024 x 768 here)

there are different types of snubber’s, might this
explanation describe your type?

Please try the forum search (upper right corner) for “belt tension” (99 matches), “snubber” (76), “noise” (72);
the post titles are sometimes misleading, beware!

For the plastic: What do you think about “Cockpit” spray for cars?
(Just a guess, I’ve never tried something like that on my Stridas!)

Cheers from Vienna!


+1 … great reply !

and welcome :smiley:

my 2c:

I guess you can improve the SLO, but there will always be underlying deficiencies:
In particular:
Stiffness - SLO’s Joint are all MUCH lower tolerances to Proper Stridas - so by comparison they feel Floppy and loose. The heavier you are the more noticeable this is. thats fit of handlebars, QR.s steering pin, rear joint etc.
You may be able to tension the belt and MOST importantly adjust the snubber to ~0.25mm clearance, but many SLO’s have narrow snubber bearings - in which case the bearing will slice the belt like a pizza cutter !
Strength - if you are over 80Kg and strong - look out for cracks - un-heatreated, and poor quality Aluminium looks much the same as the proper tubing - it may look similar, but dont be fooled that is IS the same ! … do you think the SLO maker gives a stuff about the long term strength and stiffness, and in fact anything long term ??

With your eye’s open an SLO an intro to the Strida ‘concept’ - but to think of an SLO as a better value Strida is just wishfull thinking :mrgreen:

Whatever - enjoy the Bike - riding the strida is not only fun, good for your back, and its roll-when folded ‘stick shape’ goes in many places other suitcase sized shapes dont - You will meet a lot of folk … as someone else said "owning a Strida is much the same as owning a cute puppy - everyone loves it " :smiley: