New Strida LT owner in Denmark

Hello to you all.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I work as a bus driver. I used to drive a small Mercedes Sprinter 10 seater bus with a max gross wieght of 3,500kg, which I could easily park 24/7 in the area I live in. But recently my employer decided to issue a new, larger Sprinter with a gross weight of 3,880kg to me, which can only be night parked about 20 minutes away from home, in a not very secure area – a place I will not leave my regular MTB in during my work hours.

So, of course, I ordered a Strida LT (in red) last week, and it arrived this friday. After a bit of struggeling with seat hight adjustment and fitting lights from the drawer, I managed today to find a nice, unubstructive place in the bus for it.

So far, I’m very pleased with the LT, though it will take some time to cbe ompletely confident with the rather unusual handling… :slight_smile:


Hello Jan,

at Stridaforum!

A bit practicing and you will quickly feel familiar with the handling :smiley:

Have a safe ride!

Kind regards,