New Strida EVO (from Taiwan) / with old Mini4.1


I already have a Strida mini, and have been kept it in storage for 10 years .
Two weeks ago I found it and had a “test ride” . It performed so well !

Now I decided to re-activate Strida mini and even get a new Strida to make a “pair” .
I think Strida EVO should give me a whole new riding experience !!

Here are the photos , EVO with Mini
(Sorry for super large-size photos )

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Hi Sam,

for the given age, your Mini is in a wonderful mint condition :smiley:
It seems clear now that the tubes are different from full size Strida bikes.

I’ve spotted a third red folding bike at your attic appartment - that’s a Giant Halfway I believe?
That is also one of the rare bikes with single-side wheel mounts front and rear, just as like Strida.



Hi Chris

Yes you are right, that is Giant Halfway. 15 years ago it was popular in Taiwan. Due to its single-arm suspension. ( for both front and rear , just like Strida, you are right) And at that time the price was ridiculous “reasonable” ,it was just around 180 Euro for a complete bike. ( now it is around 350 euro)

I also have 4 Colnago roadbikes which have been kept in storage at another apartment. They are classic ( I mean the frame shapes) with gorgeous hand-made paintings.

I had test rides on my Strida Evo in the past 2 days, it was amazing ! Sturmey Archer ks3 worked great, and gave me so much fun.

I love the bike so much !