New Strida bike owner

Hi to all, I’m a new strida bike (SX model) rider from Singapore and was wondering if there is any place or website where I can check for any modifications or customization done to this bike. Thanks

Hello DexTan001,

welcome at Stridaforum!

Here you are right, since the Hong Kong Strida Club was closed there is no site existent with more concentrated informations about Strida.

You might let us know what you’re searching for, maybe we can assist somehow :wink:



Hi DexTan001

I don’t know any other Strida forum than this one. So I would recommend you to join Instagram where you find many Strida owners around the world and some of them have customized Strida, among them myself (#StridaHelsinki) Just have a look:

Feel free to ask if anything …

Kind regards,

Hi everyone.

A newbie here. I wanted to ask, can you install springs on the stock strida seat to improve shock absorption? Sorry if the question is silly but I know very little about bikes and modifying them.

Incidentally, there’s this guy on Instagram that does these cool custom mods on Stridas. I can’t read Cyrillic but from the translation I think he does custom jobs on them and even changes the wheels to fit 20” tires.

Here’s the link:

Installing springs would not be possible, but installing a saddle with spring is possible, … h-springs/

Cheers, Bill

You’re welcome.
I mean questions can be “basic” sometimes, but not at all silly.
Especially at German forums, you have to expect stupid answers to basic questions - but that is something quite different, right?
(That has to do with missing respect, arrogance and smart ass behaviour…)
I think that our forum is definitely not affected by such bad habits.

I’ve noticed this guy already here;
Sport Duo w 20” Wheels?
but I’m a bit confused about his pricing philosophy (besides some technical concerns).


Lol, I love the comment on that thread about how, for that price, it should come with the model. :smiley:

Well, honestly I could not imagine any other reason for price of 3700 $!
I’ve calculated about 1200 $ for the bike, the rest of 2500 $ must be an adequate reward for a professional photoshooting session with the model - what else could it be?