New owner to old Strida 5 (?)

Hi Forum, Sams the name.

I just bought a dog of a Strida (possibly even a cheap copy - but a remarkably accurate copy if that!) 5 which needs a LOT of work. Fortunately Im a bike mechanic so I have the tools and can fix almost any other kind of bike. UNfortunately the seller sold me the bike and I didnt get to see it before it arrived to my address so theres tonnes more work that needs doing than I could wish for. Too late to return now though.

Im going to try to return the old girl to a better state in any case…

What I need to know, would like to ask, is a few (maybe common) things…;

1 - The bottom bracket was loose when I got it. I tightened it up but it seemed to come loose again. Its the whole plastic body which seems to have torn on the threads, so when I pedal it looks like Ive got serious leg problems. Im guessing that the best thing is to replace the whole unit with a metal body upgrade. I found one in Canada but I was wondering if there are any European suppliers for this part… Does anyone know?

2 - The lower bar which sits onto the pin and locks, once in/on/locked theres at least 5mm movement up and down of this bar. When riding, its not noticed so much, but I dont know if its normal that there should be such movement. Perhaps its the bearings?

3 - Ive been adjusting the saddle height, but it seems the saddle sits like its leaning back quite a bit… I cant see how I can adjust that so maybe there is no way…but tell me if I am wrong.

4 - I cant quite figure how to take the wheels off… Ive taken out the bolt and washer/s but it seems to be sitting tight still. Is it a matter of bashing it off/hitting the axel?? I HAVE removed the disc brake caliper already…

5 - The ball joint plastic connection seems to have failed. I tried to get it out but gave up. I got it back together but the ball joint came out again, with a bit of force. What is the right way to replace the plastic joint… fit to ball then hit into frame or hit into frame then press in the ball?

Brake cables I have managed to replace already, pretty chuffed with that. It will be a while until I can get them set up properly though.

Any help/advice is REALLY appreciated…! :slight_smile:

Hello Sam,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

I think to have a few ideas, but, according to the complexity of your questions I’ll need some time please…going to edit the post, plz click reload here and there…

Well…first; if it is really a fake one I’d recommend not to use it - usually are these bikes dangerous.
As a bike mechanic you will be familiar with worst China quality…
Btw; pics could help identifying.

  1. Plastic bottom bracket means that could be the cheaper Strida LT version - does it have plastic wheels?
    There is at least one (private) supplier of the metal excenter in Europe, but anyway I’ll edit official links later (once found).
    However - you should know that you can trust Bill of Strida Canada for 100%, and shipments from Canada or Korea are often faster than trying to order parts in Europe!
    That may sound like a bad joke; actually it’s the sad truth…
    Technical hint for the bottom bracket/excenter: Both fixations have to be tight; the big groove nut AND the kickstand bolt, one fixation alone can’t withstand the generated torque while heavy pedaling!

2.There is a lot of play at the frame locking, that is normal.
Please consider that the bottom frame tube, under load, will be pressed forward/down - it can’t unlock that easy.

  1. Maybe the wrong saddle?
    Not all saddles fit the Strida molding, mainly it is the distance from rails to nose, just look here:
    Saddle pointing downwards

4. Most likely rust between axles and inner bearing rings at both wheels.
At the rear wheel you have to unmount also the snubber (part nr.: 389) and its bolt/washer.

  1. Just click below:
    Strida Ball Joint Socket Explained

Edit3: Here’s an official European link to the desired part;
please note therefore also the message at your private mailbox :wink:

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Hi Chris

Thanks for your excellent answer and taking the time to reply!

Well, first of all, I am almost certain its a real Strida… Going by the photo on THIS website, it is identical to whats found on the Strida News page, in fact… it might even be this one… maybe. Ha.

I think the bottom bracket needs sorting first, then I can focus on the other parts. Hopefully, by the looks of things, it shouldnt cost me the world, just take lots of time and care. Ill get on with ordering bits and get back when its looking and feeling a bit better.

Thanks again!