New owner from Taiwan (EVO) (with large pictures)

Hi everyone I am a kind of new owner of strida

I bought a Strida mini 4.1 10 years ago but I had ridden it maybe only 15times . It was a nice bike but it has been kept in storage for 10 years . Last week I found it in the storage room so I cleaned it , tested It to make the decision if I am going to keep it.
This sturdy Strida showed me a fantastic ride . The feeling was so good so I decided not only to keep it but also buy another Strida to be a partner with my lovey 4.1 .

Here are two photos of my 4.1 . I replaced front and rear lights .

Then yesterday I made a phone call to consult with local strida dealer and they told me there are 3 choices for me:

  1. EVO 2018 (new old stock bike) : there is the last one in stock so they offered me 35% off of list price($1160) , So the asking price is only $700.
    But since it is a new-old-stock bike I cannot choose the color and configurations . Also no free accessory

  2. Speed Duo 2019 (new old stock bike) : they also have the last one SD which is 30 anniversary version and they can also give me great discount , the list price is $1000 and they offered me $650. Also I cannot choose the color (only one color for 30-anniversary version) and configuration . No free accessory .

  3. SX 2020 new bike. I can choose color and configuration. if I pick the Standard one , they offer me no discount on list price($700) but they can give me $70 (or maybe even $80) accessories free in the deal.

I asked the dealer guy which one he would pick if he was me ? The answer was simple, he would pick EVO because of its 3-speed and best price. So I made up my mind . I bought EVO3

Here are the photos that dealer guy sent to me :

Hello acbc_liu,

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at least in Europe, your Strida Mini would be a rarity - does that apply in Taiwan, too?

As far as I know there are just three things which are different, compared to a “big one”;

  1. It has 14 inch wheels.
  2. The beltwheel has 88 teeth (instead of 100 on a full size)
  3. The belt must be shorter than a common single speed (1440 mm) but a bit longer than on a dual-speed version (1360mm).
    (Can you still read the label of your belt and perhaps tell the correct belt length?)

I was missing the version number 4 since ever, please may I ask from where you received the mentioned version nr 4.1?

…vvery nice that lady in red

Good luck,


Yah even in Taiwan Strida mini is rare. Actually all types of Stridas are not common in Taiwan. Most of the people think Strida is too strange.

I was told that there are few things different between 4.1 and Strida 5.0 and beyond models

  1. Frame is different . Not just the size but also the weldings.
  2. Wheel size is different(14 vs 16 or 18) you are right.
  3. Belt wheel is 88 teeth instead of 100 . You are right.
  4. Belt length is shorter. You are right again. I will find the length for you . (If I can find the marks on belt)
  5. Fenders are different . Mini has smaller/shorter fenders
  6. Crank is different. Mini has five-spoke crank .
  7. People said handle bar is shorter. For this I am not sure,
  8. Flywheel in Strida mini is plastic. But previously 5.0 and 5.1 also had plastic flywheel .
  9. I am afraid the kick stand is also different in length. But I am not sure about this. When I receive my EVO I will measure the length then I may know the answer.

Originally when Ming introduce Strida mini in Taiwan they called this Strida 4.1 .
Strida mini is not the official name but just a nickname. I am not sure if I answered all your questions?


Well, I’m somewhat surprised to read that, actually I thought Taiwan will be one of their main markets…at least it is not Europe, that’s sure - so maybe mainland China or Korea, Singapore?

At about the time when you bought your Mini, there was a huge and pretty active Strida community, located in Hong Kong, sadly, their forum was closed several years ago and the members moved mainly to fakebook I’ve heard.

So, the highly appreciated exchange between East and West Strida fanatics is very limited nowadays and I do regret that very much.

Yes, you taught me indeed several new details about the MIni and I have to say many thanks!

Here in Vienna btw, since about ten years (when I started, too) I’ve seen exactly one Mini once and that was at the booth of a folding bike dealer at a local fair :laughing:

Let me rephrase my statement : There are so many brands/types of bicycles in Taiwan so Strida is relatively rare to be seen.

And I personally think Ming bicycle does not do the marketing and product management well . Even Ming makes great quality Strida bikes with excellent engineering.

I do love the design , the innovation and the style of Strida . To me it is the most unique and beautiful bike I have ever seen. I would say if Ming has a good team for making correct marketing strategy, the sales situation may totally change.

A simple Strida does give me the same level of pleasure that my 10-time more expensive Colnago does.
Even the pleasures are quite different.

Anyway, we still enjoy the cheaper prices of Strida in Taiwan. USD$700 for a EVO is a great deal to me.

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May I ask; did you ever notice Strida advertising in your country?

(MIng cycle is in Germany each year at the Eurobike fairs - but I think that’s the whole advertising effort for complete Europe.)

I have never noticed Strida advertisement in Taiwan .
I think the only chance that people “see” Strida advertisement is Taiwan Bicycle exhibition . That means only 0.1% of the people “may” see or meet Strida.
I do not think Ming really takes effort on product marketing . Ming should focus more on the “riding in style” of Strida . Style is priceless. So is Taste

Many people in Taiwan buy ridiculously expensive folding bikes like Brompton or Alex Moulton; and they have never heard or seen Strida . Or even when they know Strida they still complain the relative cheaper price . They have no idea what “ride with style” means .

I am Global product marketing manager in semiconductor industry . I guess my judgement is fair .

Hi Sam,

thank you very much again :smiley:
I did expect that but your confirmation is important.

Perhaps interesting for you to get an impression of our prices here;
for a brandnew Strida EVO you have to calculate about 1300 US$,
while the Brompton starts at 1530 US$.

Also I had the feeling that we Europeans (and Americans even more) are more plagued by Strida issues where body mass and length are crucial (especially the rear hinge failures are a problem).
So I think that the Asian community has here a big advantage because your fellow countryman are generally much lighter than blokes from the U.S. for example.

Ah I see…your profession explains also your well-trained use of English language :smiley:



Hi Chris

The belt type on Strida mini 4.1 is : 1280-8M (made in Japan)

I also measured the handler bar , it is 240 or 245mm for one side. I guess it is the same length as other Strida ?


Thanks very much :smiley:

Yes that is correct: