New on the forum, in need of parts

Hello everyone.
As I mentioned I’m new on the forum and am in need of all hardware needed to attach the seat assembly as all I have are the two black halves.
If anyone can help me with this I’d appreciate it.

Hi Borg1of1,

welcome to Stridaforum :smiley:

I assume you’re talking about the older molding version - that one without quick release mechanism: … lding-kit/

Well, that

1x ST-366 Saddle bolt
1x ST-371 Saddle nut
2x ST-368 Saddle clamp
2x ST-321 Molding clamp
3x ST-360 Molding bolt
3x ST-362 Plastic nut (cover)
1x ST-370 Molding nut
(1x ST-378 Seat pin)

should be all the hardware, it seems that nobody, neither Germany nor Canada or Korea, has them in stock all together.
It should be possible to order from at least two suppliers - but an economical disaster with two times shipping cost.
I’d recommend that you search for a complete molding via local platforms like ebay, perhaps you’re lucky.

Unfortunately you’re located outside the EU (I can see your IP) and I’m not able to ship things right now due to Covid19 (except at extremely high cost).



Thanks for the reply Chris but I have tried (and will continue to try) all mentioned with no luck at all. I’m currently waiting on a shipment to arrive at Strida Canada, but it’s been a long wait. roughly three months now) I totally understand the reasons why everything is late but I guess it’s something that going to take some getting used to.

You mean the patience which is usually required to get parts?
(Much better nowadays than, let’s say ten years, earlier…just that Covidshit damaged everything recently…)

Is there any reason (besides the high prices) for you not to order from the Netherlands?