New on Strida need help choosing model.

Hi all:
I am serious planning a purchase of a Strida I weight 200 Pound = 90 kilos I am 5’7" = 165 cm and I am 64 years old.
I ride a Pedelec (Battery assist) a (Kalkhoof/Tasman) almost daly for the last year and my legs are strong I have no other ways of transportation this one takes me up to 30+miles = 48 kilometers and I am able to carry lots of stuff so around 15+miles perimeter I am set.
The problem appear when I have to commute wich I haven done in the last 3/4 years my bicycle is to large for buses and to heavy to put in the rack of the bus.
After looking at others brand’s (non Strida’s) found out by actually touching that a bulky foldable won’t help me at all when taking the bus or the train, and to my dislike is no way I can try a Strida unless I purchase it. I live in Miami (Homestead) Florida USA Flat (no hills landscape). Only dealer is in Key West (134 miles =216 Kilometers) were is no even buses to get there so test riding is out of the question.
My needs with the Strida are: commuting on a 3 miles = 5 Kilometers radius at the time
So I come to you owners of the Strida to advise.
What model should I choose LT, SX or Evo. Taking in consideration my age and my weight my legs are good and can move the Kalkhoff 60 pound = 96 kilos for a mile or two with out help and in a case of running out of battery I can do even longer.
After reading for a week and shopping for price. I have come to the conclusion that even so I can afford the Evo is a overkill because no hills around here but i like speed so if it give me a lot more than the SX wich is my favorite because of what I read i wont mind ordering it, and again if I can do ok with the LT longest is not very much slower than the Evo/SX I can save a lot money wich is a concern in relation with price versus use my commute won’t be as much as my pedaled maybe once or twice a week if I lucky. The Strida can be my way out of the area and could visit museum, shows, sport games and do business affairs in Miami 50 miles round trip in Bus/Train.
I hope I have told you correctly my situation and someone can help me. Thank you.

Hi, I am a Strida dealer and from my experience helping people ride a Strida for the first time and from what you have told me I would suggest you try a LT. The smaller wheels will put you a little closer to the ground and make it easier to get on and off. It will also be easier to fold and take on a bus than the SX and lighter than the EVO. The EVO does come white 16 inch as well as 18 inch wheels so my next choice would be a EVO with 16 inch wheels. I don’t think you will need the 3 gears of the EVO and it will cost twice as much. At this time LTs are available in the U.S. but not the EVOs, that might also be a consideration. If you do buy a LT you might consider changing the saddle for something more comfortable. You could also change to 18 inch wheels in the future if you thought the 16s to small. I hope this helps,
Bill Wilby

Thank you Mr. Bill Wilby. I am watching closely the forum. As I’m reading and I appreciated your advise. Your customer are very lucky to have you is rear to see a merchant that care for them. I have edit my respond because I been thinking about what you say and how much has helping me so far thank’s again.

To all I have fallow Mr. Wilby advice and purchase a LT Black 16" at Sport Authority that have 20% off in the price they have only green and black and LT only.
I will appreciate if you think different to Mr. Wilby no to comment cause you will created nothing but confusion but if you agree with him and me and have some recommendation they will be appreciated
Thank You I will be in touch.

Hi teladoy,

I agree with Bill’s recommendation. Although the LT might lack in speed but it’s a nice bike to go bimodal commuting since it’s lighter and easier to pedal.

When the Evo came out I could have bought one but instead I bought a used SX and downgraded it to 5.2 (16" spoke wheels) Been happy with it and it’s my daily commuter bike and have taken it to 40km rides round trip.

Congratulations on your purchase and ride safe.

Thank you Chester_Tan for your wishes.
This week end is the Miami Boat Show and I hope to attend with my Strida if it arrive in time.
Is very hard to imagine a bicycle like the Strida and your help is very appreciated.

I think you have made a good choice, please let us know how it goes for you.
You may consider setting the seat a little lower to start and your first ride may feel a little wobbly until you are comfortable with the short wheel base. Another hint, when you go to unfold the bike try putting your thumb and finger between the wheels at the edge and pry the wheels apart. With my first attempt I tried to pull the wheels apart only to discover how strong the magnet is that holds the wheels together, cheers Bill

There’s a screw on the round metal thingy that sticks to the magnet that you can adjust the strength of the bond of the magnet.

Each of us have a style in unfolding the Strida.

Please allow me to share although there are videos in youtube demonstrating easier ways.

What I do is clamp the saddle between my thighs so that both of my hands are free.

unfold the steer bars, secure the latch for the steer bars.

pry open the bottom tube slightly. no need to put the bottom tube at the floor.

push one end of the handle bar outward so that the wheels would pry apart.

by this time you may release the saddle from your thighs.

secure the bottom tube on the locking pin

and finally unfold the pedals.

Thank you all I am exited keep coming your advice, is schedule to arrive on Monday 18 2013 a year to late because is a 2012 model. I hope so. I read this page every nigh hoping for some more.
I am exited…

I replaced my LT seat with a wider Velo Newport-S4… been very happy with it and it is much more confortable.

That’s right. A wider saddle since riders are in an upright riding position so much of the body weight is on the buttocks.

I will start apologizing for being a bit late. I receive the bike on Monday and I ride it the same day for about two miles , I ride it BMX style no my type but I fallow Mr. Bill Wilby suggestion that made sense when you ride something new. Next day I raised the seat to the top. I am able to touch the floor with my two foot in the toe good enough for me, and it is a lot faster I been practicing in my hood with the neighbours dogs they love it. Me too.
Is black scratch easy . Any solution ? And the front reflected tape is ripped were can I get another?.
No problem open it but closing it I smash my finger between the two bars painful good aluminum.
Seat is OK for me I am use to ride on hard ones and I wont be going any far. What I will recommend is to get this Flag Get the universal clamp the other wont work on the Strida, don’t forget to remind Terry Smith to include the (hook) and say hello in my name, is very important for the installation and they always forget, this flag will keep cars a bit away from you. Well thank you, Sunday I will go to the Apple store and show off my Strida.

Yes, I’m late on the post. And too late to help you. Sorry. Maybe for others. The dealer recommended the LT because he knows this 16-inch wheel Strida is a child’s bike and you’ll be back for the REAL DEAL which is the SX. You’ll love the SX. 18-in wheels. Did I say you’ll love it? Stay away from that lead sled known as the EVO. A 28 lb Strida is no where near the 22 lb other Stridas. Your back will thank you for avoiding this heavy weight little bike. The Evo is not worth the trade off of getting 3 gears for five (5) extra pounds to lug around. Hold off on the Evo until they get they weight down. Even the 2 spd Strida was only 25 lbs. The selling feature of the Strida is the 22 lb weight. Keep this in mind. It’s what makes Strida a seller, a rider, and creates a place in many loving homes for this little beast. 22 pounds. YES!

And another thing. The Strida SX comes with those “to die for” Schwalbe Kojacks. 115psi. Almost bullet proof. Now, that’s a $100 add on right there but is built into the retail $800 asking price for the Strida SX. More ZOOM with a single gear bike than you ever dreamed for. Woosh, and you’re gone. With the Schwalbe tubes with the shiny metal schrader stems and clear stem caps. No wonder the US distributor sells out of the SX often and has a hard time keeping them in stock.

Hi 1Ronald I am under the impression that a LT becomes a SX all I need to do is change the wheels $141.00 or put the Schwalbe on the LT for faster results 16" for $31.00 each.
I appreciated your comments, and don’t worry I won’t go back and get the SX or the EVO because of price. And because I did my research very throughout thanks for the people in the forum and the internet, I got this LT at a very good price yet about what is real worth and that was one of my concerns.
The other reason is that this Bicycle is slow no matter what you do, so I try to keep light and that is the reason I won’t buy a better looking seat or any accessory at all.
Also the use I give this Machine will very very very little so when it comes that I need it I will have it.And I have it now and I kind of happy wish I could use it more.
I think Mr Bill Wilby give me a very good suggestion for what I ask and thanks him and all others include you for the help I got.
Nice machine. Great idea.

PS: I did lower the seat a bit so my fett touch the ground for safety and leave with it.