New Mk1 Owner

Completely new member here! Long time Moulton rider but I’ve just snagged a scrappy-looking Strida on eBay (photos at the link below).

The seller was honest enough to say, “needs some repairs and some attention given to the joints and spindles” so I bid accordingly, but I’m not sure yet whether the top joint plastic is okay yet (the seller only posted photos of one side). Has anyone managed to 3D replacement parts successfully?

Also - the rear carrier has been snapped off at some point in its past. Are spares of that available?

Hi new Strida owner, I think but I am not sure that a new Strida rear rack will fit. I know that a new seat mount will fit the Mark 1 so I think the rack will also fit. Your bike is also missing the fenders but fenders from a new Strida may also fit, but without the round original reflectors.

Enjoy, Bill

When were Mark 1s built? Are they, like, oldtimers? As in: Would Chris hang it up on the wall instead of riding it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulation to your eBay treasure. Will you keep us in the loop about the repairs?

Well - it’s seems I’ve doubled my collection!

Another Mk1 that’s got the missing bits I was looking for (mudguards and rack). Plus it has all the photos taken from the other side, so at worst I can use both bikes to create one complete bike and one to sell. I’ve spent a grand total of £80 for the two, so happy with that.

I’ve added the eBay photos to my Flickr album. Looks like someone might have over-inflated the tyres and they’ve blown off the rims?

Ah, that’s neat that you’ve found a second one.

I’m looking forward to the result when you will have “frankensteined” them to one roadworthy complete Strida.

Yeah - have to wait until next Sunday/Monday before I can collect them. Fingers crossed I’ll end up with two usable bikes rather than one!

In which country do you live? I’ve a spare plastic luggage rack that I don’t need. So I could give it to you when the shipping costs aren’t too high.

I’m in the UK - you?

Germany. Shipping costs to England would be around 14€/13 £.

As it is a cheap black plastic rack you might be better off saving the shipping costs and order instead the much nicer black aluminium rack.

I’ve replaced the plastic rack by the aluminium edition and it’s worth it: I’m pleased whenever I look at the new rack.

It’s up to you. :sunglasses:

It just so happens my wife is German and is visiting her mother next week. Not sure whether I’ll persuade her to make space in her luggage, though!

Sorry - that was me! Didn’t realise you could post as a guest…

According to the documents linked at Amuro’s post that should be between 1987 and 1992.
For more precise info we need the serial number(s).
Yes, I think they had their good times already and one can’t trust the plastic parts any longer.
Aluminium, btw, doesn’t get better during time…

Don’t worry; the forum kicks you out automatically after a while :confused:
But at least, it knows you, so it’s not any problem to assign posts to an account :smiley:

He he, that’s a nice coincidence. Send me a PM If you’d like the rack to be sent to your wife’s mother.

Well, I sorted out my decent one! Brakes are adjusted and wheel bearings have been re-greased. I have only one issue which is that the crank is twisting slightly in use. It might be the crank itself, but more likely the bolt at the rear hub that needs tightening. I bought some cheap tyres at Decathlon but I have some Impac ones on the way that look more suitable:

Wow! The Strida looks so roadworthy and polished now. Good job!

I’m not quite sure about which crank bolt we are talking. Might be the language barrier or my lack of technical insight. :confused: … 3878808334

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