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Hello hello,
As you might have guessed from the topic title I’m new to the forums.
I don’t know if it’s customary at these forums to introduce oneself in a seperate thread, but it’s what I usually do.

I’m curretnly in the market for a Strida bike. I’m looking for a way to bridge the gap between train and bus travel. The bus usually takes to much time to wait for so I end up walking. A compact and light folder bike seems to be the solution.

I have had a folder before. It was Polish bike of which I can’t remember the brand and it must have been made from cast-iron (well, not really) Before that I had a very old Sparta, but that one didn’t fold, it just split up in the middle.

After a lot of research I finally found the Strida and think that it’s one of th ebest options. Light, folds compact and rolls on it’s own wheels when folded.
Since I’m a total newbie at Strida bikes I hope to learn about it by reading along here :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that.

Hello Mactire,

at Stridaforum!

An introduction is not a must here but of course appreciated, thank you.

Old stuff about the past generations of Strida
If you consider that the “youngest” Strida MK1 must be at least 22 years old and the production meanwhile moved to Taiwan - you will not wonder that there are principially not any spare parts on the market.
Reading this forum for ~ 4 years now I have to conclude that the best chance to get parts for an MK1 is: to buy another one!
Please try the forum search (upper right), using the term MK1.

I’d suggest to look for a version 3 Strida with metal wheels (at least), better would be a 5 version.
Maybe you can find an older, less-used, LT version, that’s the one with plastic wheels - and the cheapest.
(Btw, seen yesterday at my friend’s store, Vienna: new Strida LT orange 601 €)

And yes, there are differences; for example the ancient steering bars were not foldable as far I know.

A carrier, either Plastic or Aluminium, is usally supplied on Strida bikes, maybe you’ve seen accidentally pics where it was unmounted?

You mentioned the costs as crucial factor for purchase; did you also think about the advantage of warranty?
Maybe a cheaper, but new bike?
Just another local example:
Dahon S.U.V. for 270 €