New Dahon Curl is out - brompton copy - 'Dabrom'

See page 2 of the following link - Preview of Taipei show … P30-35.pdf

The design patent of the folding mechanism of Brompton expired long time ago…

Dahon boss praises Brompton

Andrew Ritchie stepped down from the post of managing director last year. … 364276.ece

The marketing strategy of Brompton seems changing recently, too. :unamused:

Here is a larger picture of the Dahon Curl

Anyone know the tire size? 305? 349?

What are the folded dimensions?

It’ll be interesting to see how they price this bike. Thanks for the links.

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Sometimes the spammers will break the security but we will fix it within a few days. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Drawings of the Dahon Curl from the US Patent Office.

Full patent document

Information on Dahon China’s website.

Here is the English translation by Google. … stid%3D127