New 5.0 Owner: What is C/No.?


I live in Colorado, USA, and I bought a new, silver Strida 5.0 last week. I love this bike!

I am having a lot of fun riding it on a nearby riverside trail and around my neighborhood. I especially enjoy the upright posture, as every other folding bike I have tried made my wrists and hands ache after riding for awhile. I am looking forward to doing multi-mode travel with it soon, taking my Strida on the bus to a nearby city with more multi-use trails.

My Strida was shipped to me in a factory box with printing on the outside. The Colour is specified there, along with a printed, adhesive-backed, 10-digit Serial Number. Also, ‘‘C/NO.:’’ is printed, and ''CA 16" is written in beside it.

Does anyone know what the Strida ''C Number" is, and what a value of ‘‘CA 16’’ means?


My serial is stamped under the ‘bottom tube’ at the back near where it joins the ‘seat’ tube.
I’ve no idea what the Cxx stands for ?