need your advice on which one to buy

hello hello, happy good people of strida! :smiley:

i’m new on this forum, just registered. i live in the uk where i already have a bike (electra townie 3i) but now i want to get myself another, folding one - and hopefully take it with me to belgrade where i come from to have something nice to cycle around over the summer :laughing: belgrade is hilly and not always bike-friendly, so strida seems ideal - foldable, easy to take on buses for longer distances etc.

so, i know that a similar question has been asked and answered, i’ve read it, but i still need your advice.

  1. am i right that the only models one can find in the uk are basically strida sx and strida mas? can anyone recommend a good distributor? i found three online, and the prices differ.

  2. the price difference between sx and mas is not insignificant, so people who’ve had a chance to ride both - what is your opinion? is mas better since it has 2 gears? my current bike has 3, it serves me well, it’s been ages since i had single gear… i’m really curious.

‘strida evo’ is supposed to be launched, but god knows when that will happen, also, it might be a while until it becomes available in the uk and will probably be very expensive - am i right? (in which case, i would not like to wait…)

also, in your comments please bear in mind that i’m no bike-expert as many people here seem to be, so i might be unable to understand a jargon that is too technical :unamused: - plain english and first-hand experiences of riding both in places that are not so flat please! :slight_smile:

many thanks,

Hello ivanesque,

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Shouldn’t also the LT version be available at your region?

For example here
(Guess velorution used accidentally wrong pictures.)

I mean it’s simple: The more gears, the better for hilly roads :smiley:

Hard to tell without crystal ball, but if the price forecast of ~ 900 GBP here was correct, it might be worth to wait :unamused:

Come on ladies and gentleman, can we have more comments for our new member, please ?

Mas has more gears, but it is heavier and requires more (well, at least certainly not less =)) maintenance. Which is better? You should decide.
Try riding your regular route without shifting gears. Try the same in the hilly area.
For reference - gear ratios for different strida models are listed here.

thanks guys! :smiley:

i think i will pay a bit more and go for strida mas. the best prices i’ve been able to find are at
‘the bicycle man’ -

if anyone has some better leads for the uk distributors, please let me know. i’m going to a conference tomorrow, will be back in a week and hope to be able to sort things out and get my bike soon afterwards - looking forward to it so much :laughing:

i’ll keep you posted


We’re looking forward in eagerness :mrgreen:

Hi Ivanesque,

The MAS edition or the standard edition SD is well suited for hill climbing. I tested it myself on an uphill road and was very satisfied with it. I biked the same road several years ago using a road bike and had a hard time and was even reluctant to use a small folder like the Strida. but the SD’s low gear did help me with the climb (8 km - 10 km)

I have this project of upgrading another SD to 18" wheels and bike the same road this August.

Here are other advantage of having a MAS

  • No need to upgrade to alloy pedals
  • No need to upgrade to alloy chainwheel

Personally I like the black crank arms , black kick shift plate and the black hubs of the MAS.