Need repair shop in NYC tri-state area

Can anyone recommend a friendly/good place where I can get my Duo completely overhauled? I will drive anywhere within two hours of NYC—New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York State, you name it. I need new tires, tubes, the back hub completely overhauled, parts for my brakes and steering, etc. Even though I bought my bike from B-Fold in NYC, from talks I’ve had with Dave (he’s a great guy, btw) my sense is that he doesn’t have the time or the personnel to do this kind of work. I thought (circa) five years ago that there was another bike shop somewhere within an hour’s drive or so, but I can’t remember the name. Thanks for any suggestions!

I can’t think of a bike shop to recommend but with the right parts your local bike shop could handle the repairs you have described. I do have the parts in stock and can help with the information needed for a bike shop to install them.

Cheers, Bill