Need new (or replacement) belt for Strida 3 (Belgium)

Hello, can someone point me out where I could find as cheap as possible a new (or replacement) belt for Strida 3? I see that there is a crack in mine that is as wide as 1/3 of the belt width.

I’m living in Belgium.

As I’m not wrong, a belt of Strida 5 has the same dimensions?! Is this correct?

I don’t find it in Korea:
Is it possible to find elsewhere in Asia? Because I think from there, even with shipping cost, it is much cheaper than the Strida 5-belts I found in Europe.

Thanks and kind regards, Guy

P.S. Second question: are the front and rear drum brakes from the Strida 3 the same i.e. interchangeable?

Well, first - I couldn’t find evidence - but I’d assume it’s the same belt since…ever…so you’re looking for a belt with the profile
a length of
mm and a width of

Just mix that up and you get
HTD 1440 8M 13
you should be able to find cheap ones via ebay or maybe local.

Still not cheap enough?

If you do not mind a really ugly color I could send you a steel-cored free sample belt.

Regarding question two:
Yes, the identical part numbers ST-435 at the parts drawing front and rear do indicate that :wink:

Hi Chris

Price is important, so I would say “yes” to your free offer, but what do you mean with “very ugly”? And will it be kevlar? Can you send me a picture please?

Do you have the answer on this question: “are the front and rear drum brakes from the Strida 3 the same i.e. interchangeable?”

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Guy,

as I wrote, it is a steel core.
And of course I could send you images - would you pm me please your email adress?

Yes, they are identical.
Same number = identical part.



Thanks, Chris, I sent you an e-mail @gmx.

Can you tell me more on the quality of this belt please?

Thanks, Guy

Thank you Guy :smiley:

I’m sorry indeed but I couldn’t tell anything about quality.

But I’m pretty sure that these belts are very similar to that orange type of the Strida S30X - which is sold for an exorbitant price!

Note that this is NOT a Kevlar belt!

I told Friso already on 16th August 2019 and he replied:


“Throwing pearls in front of pigs…”