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As posted here:

I guess the most important is:

Do you really like how to ride a Strida?
Yes - buy it (equal whichever)!
No - look for another (folding) bike!

Do you have enough knee-room while pedaling in curves (to the steering bars)?
Yes - fine.
No - consider “bended steering” (forum search).

Depending on where (guess vanmoof?) you want to buy your Strida, maybe…
Vanmoof offers (at the moment) just one speed drive Strida - the MAS for ~ 900 €.
So this is the cheapest offer for a two - geared Strida in Europe (except Suisse and France).
Btw, Hongkong price for Strida SD, two speed is 8800 HK$ ~ 800 €.

You might also buy a single speed Strida and “upgrade” it later (forum search “Schlumpf”),
but, please be warned, this possibility is MUCH more expensive!
Please note also, that there are TWO speed drives on the market, the original Schlumpf speed drive and the ATS speed drive.
The differencies are here:
[url]Photos of Stridas in Hong Kong]

Sorry, I have no answer, this depends on your needs and expectations…

May I create an alternative question?

I would immediately call Florian, to order a new Schlumpf speed drive! :smiling_imp: :unamused: :smiling_imp:

Further questions are always welcome,

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