n+1 My eBay Strida 3.2

Rather than typing the whole thing out again I’ll point you, if I may, in the direction of my Posterous Blog for story of my new love, a second hand Strida 3.2

GREAT post ! - yet another wordsmith (along with Lexm) joining the fold - keep 'em coming guys - makes reading a joy, almost as nice as riding !

Greg - I had same 'DAK ’ >> Check the gap of your snubber bearing (!), make it as close to the back of belt as you can. (search Snubber) Also check the teeth of the rear pulley are not worn out , they should have the same profile as the front ones.

Cheers Guest, DAK! all gone since I adjusted the belt tension and tweaked the snubber.

Looking forward to its first commute in the morning, just off to check the train times.

my Posterous Blog updated (link above) after this mornings fun’n’games.

The latest in the Saga …
gregorygcollins.posterous.com/n1 … -or-ebay-w

Bottom line is it is good, not a waste of money - but we already know that on here :mrgreen:

She’s a Strida 3.25 now, as of half-an-hour ago, having a nice shiny new wire back wheel. Can’t find a NoS front one anywhere worse luck. So for now she is in halfnhalf mode.

I assume a rear wheel can’t be fitted on the front?