My Strida

I have just purchased a Strida 5.0. What a bike. I am thrilled. I have a collection of bikes. Dahon, two A-Bikes (one with 8" wheels), Bikerton, BenQ, Number of road bikes, mountain and old single speed varieties. After an exhausting 105 KM bike ride in extremely windy conditions. I went for a short ride on the Strida for fun. Yes, just for fun. Its that sort of bike. A delight to ride. A delight to fold / unfold. I am satisfied…well…until at a recent Bike Expo…I had a test ride on a 2 speed Strida. Wow, what a great gear change. So natural, just move the right heel against the button on the crank arm and the bike changes seemlessly into a higher gear. Touch the left hand crank with the heel and back down again. So I am now lusting after the 2 speed model. For anyone contemplating buying a Strida, keep this in mind. It is a different sort of bike. Its hard to compare it with other folding bikes. For instance a Dahon - I have an 8 speed - will certainly be closer to a normal bike for every day use. But as a practical folding bike the Dahon takes much longer to unfold / fold. The Dahon feels a lot bulkier and is heavier; has to be carried where you cannot cycle - where the strida can be wheeled in the fold up state like a pushchair. However, it is early days, and I am enjoying the variety. The Strida is fun to ride because one sits upright in a relaxed position, the bike feels light and is very maneuverable. The Dahon is much like a normal bike to ride an not as exciting. But I must be different to other bike riders because I also enjoy riding the A-Bikes. Some people probably think that one would be a masochist to spend time on such an odd looking bike. I would agree with the lack of comfort re the saddle or 1/2 saddle. But again its different to ride - not boring - an experience. The A-Bike like the Strida is brilliant in its originality and design. I love riding both bikes. I love the attention from bystanders and the conversations that are generated. I have managed to strap the Strida to the back of my motorbike to take into work so that I can have an enjoyable lunch break cycling along a local coffee belt. So for all you bike riders who want to experience something different why not try out a Strida and / or an A-Bike. Amen.

I was comparing the specs between the Strida 5 & Strida 3.3. Besides the black spokes & grips, I don’t see a big difference.What’s the main difference between the two?