Beginner's query: 230-lb/104kg rider on Strida LT?

Greetings, all. I’m new to the forum, not yet an owner, and letting fly with my first question:

Is my 5’10", 230-lb frame likely to be too bulky for the LT?

Reading the forums over the last few days, riders of other models have been all over the map on the weight issue - everything from (paraphrasing) “I weigh 240 and everything’s fine” to “I weigh 200 and my seat/spokes/frame/other broke.” Of course, these observations are spread over a number of years, a number of Strida models, and different use patterns, so there’s no reason to expect uniformity. What I really want to know is whether the LT is likely to be more forgiving or less than the Strida 5.

Any and all advice much appreciated.

I rode a dealer’s (not a bike shop) personal, well-worn Strida 5 for about 10 minutes today and I’m smitten.

Hoping to join the Strida rider fraternity, I am

Hi LexM

As I’m sure you probably already know, the official limit according to the manual is 100kg. So … borderline. Does that mean the bike will automatically go boom? Of course not. YMMV (literally). And once you are regularly riding your Strida, you should be able to shed the superfluous pounds, right? :mrgreen: BTW, what kind of riding, and how much, do you foresee doing with your Strida?

Good luck,

Many thanks for the kind reply, StridaD! I’d say that I’m planning to commute on the bike, but the office is only four blocks away and easily walkable in anything but a blizzard. My hope is to enjoy 5-6 miles of lakeside bike path four or five times a week. Chicago is a beautiful (and flat) city and it is my good fortune to live in a high-rise right by Lake Michigan. And yes, I’m hoping some pounds come off, too. :smiley:

Strida UK used to claim that the weight limit of Strida is 250lbs (110kg).

And the old technical specs of Strida 5.0 also claim that the weight limit is 250lbs (110kg).

However, Ming Cycle has become more conservative on the weight limits of different models of Strida recently. :unamused:

Nevertheless, the local distributor here in Hong Kong still claims that the weight limit of Strida 3 & 5 is 110kg. :wink:

Yes, I weigh 250lbs and own 2 Stridas: :laughing:
[url]Photos of my Strida 3.2 which I bought last night]
[url]New stickers and accessories on my Strida]
[url]My Strida SD (Sport Duo)]

If the prolifically-posting and physically substantial Amuro Lee rides with confidence, who am I to worry? :wink: I’m getting a red one (wife-approved color) just as soon as I can.

There are lots of factors that go into deciding the weight limits on bicycles, as well as the actual weight of the rider. All bikes will carry a much higher load than they say, as a ‘factor of safety’, to cover stuff like impacts, pot holes and fatigue life of the frame.

For example a 80kg rider who rides hard on rough roads, jumps kerbs etc. Is probably going to ‘stress’ the frame and use up more ‘fatigue cycles’ than a 110 kg who is more gentle , on smooth roads .