My Strida LT with SD is a good climber

Last week-end, I decided to check the climbing ability of my Strida LT equiped with a Schlumpf SD.
I went therefor to the closest town, Namur (Belgium) and climbed up to the “citadel”, which is a very old fortress located on a hill. This hill is known by cyclists and is chosen as finish place for some bike races.

I started my trip at river level (31m), stopped at the top of the hill at 132m and then pursued downhill to the other side. The average slope was 5% with peaks exceeding 10%. This for a total distance of merely 5.1 km.

Right from the start I engaged the small gear and with an average speed of about 13 kph, I reached the top. I did stop 3 times for a few seconds in order to take some pictures.
Well, I can say that my LT did the job very well, thanks to its low weight, its rigidity and to the well chosen gearing.

I also own a recumbent bike (Raptobike low racer) and I doubt whether I would have reached the top that easily with it!

Start of the climbing at the side of the Sambre river:

During the climbing:

Almost at the top, view on Namur downtown:

At the top, there is a large open area where various events take place (it used to be the finish line of the famous Namur Motocross Grand Prix:

Back downhill:

A brave cyclist:

Arrival at the bottom, close to Meuse river:

Nice pictrues! :sunglasses:

Would you consider uploading some of your photos here? :wink:

Thank you very much for pics and report!

The road (cobblestone pavement) posted below “Back downhill” looks very similar to an old road here in Vienna called “Höhenstraße” - Heights Street :smiley:

Hey, I didn’t know that one! Is it referenced in one of the official Strida websites?

Seems to be of Ming, sadly there is a problem with the picture size… then click “Gallery”

Strida Photo Gallery