How I wish my Strida5 came with a better seat.

I find the tilt of the seat a bit too tipped downward at the back. If it was tipped downward at the front, maybe the centre of gravity would have been better placed, and the rider’s posture would have been more upright.

There’s a beautiful seat at … m=35&pos=1

And, the way the seat mount (or bracket or whatever) is designed, you cannot adjust the tilt of the seat, unlike on most other bikes.

Another thing I wish I could lay my hands on is a detachable basket. … m=36&pos=6

My wish list includes a good quality mirror, too.

The Strida5 has the two holes on the rear tube (for the 414 Spiral Pins) far away from each other. The Strida3.1 (as shown at has them quite close to each other.

And, the stickers on the tubes have started peeling. The saddest thing is that I haven’t done any riding worth mentioning, because it’s been raining here ever since I got this Strida. After a perfunctory ride and a few folding and unfolding, my Strida looks pathetic.

But I can’t figure out how to upload a few telling photographs. Would someone please enlighten me? Thanks in advance.