My new to me strida

I just bought a strida bike yesterday. I have never heard of strida before but saw one on Craigslist and picked it up for 350.00 US dollars. It looks practically brand new. It was exactly what I was looking for.
From looking at them on eBay, it seems like I got a pretty good deal.
Glad to be a member of this forum, looking forward to chatting with other members.
Jimmy, from Orlando,Florida

Hello Jimmy,

at Stridaforum!

350 $ seems to be a very good deal; obviously someone didn’t like it much - the better for you.

Have fun and a safe ride,
best wishes from Europe, Austria - that little country without kangaroos :laughing:


Thanks Chris,
I love the new bike, just took it for a ride at the state park close to my house. It rides like a dream.
Not sure if leaving it in the car is such a good idea ,here in south Florida with all the heat and humidity.

Well…an international weather site from Germany meant for your region sunny with a few clouds and about 21°C…
I don’t wonder that you enjoyed the ride :smiley:
Here we had also sun (for a short time), but temperature is falling at the moment - this night most likely below the freezing point.
I mean; it’s here actually too warm for the season…but anyway too cold for me…

…at least, it’s time for the workbench.

If you leave her (yes, according to the former European distributor is Strida female) in your car - I hope she can’t be seen from the outside?
I’d be in fact more in fear of thieves than of the climatic conditions.

Your probably right , although I have tinted windows on my vehicle,if someone got up close it would be visible. I’d hate to find a broken window and a missing bike…