My New Strida 5

Bought it last week… really a different riding experience…

N V :smiley:

Wow !!! :smiley:

I revamped my bike…



those are very nice glam shots
nice stickers too

btw, the speedometre and bottle holder? nice touch!

Very good photo’s qwerty88!

I like your professional looking stickers too :slight_smile:

It’s winter here now, & we’ve just done 20 miles on our Stridas, so they’re looking very dirty!

Same model I got three months ago. They are extremely rare in the U.S. I probably have the only one in California between San Francisco and LA.

It’s a clever design with ingenious engineering and superb craftsmanship. I hope others here discover it.

Shouldnt you be Beltstainer then :smiley:

I thought of that, too, but I’ve been “chainstrainer” for so many years on multiple cycling forums I’m reluctant to adopt a new identity. The Strida 5.0 is my first venture into folding bikes. I’m enamored with its simplicity, performance and ease of use for short rides. For longer touring rides I may later opt for something like a Brompton or a Tikit.

Querty, thanks for the great pics and the humor.
I guess in my country we are not allowed to make
such bold assertions as the explode thing. :slight_smile:

Love it, how cool is your bike querty88.