My Mark 1 Strida on ebay spares or repair

Hi, this is not a post to big up an overpriced mark 1 and tell you all how rare and wonderful they are. I bought mine a while back for use for commuting, got bored with taking the train as part of my commute and bought a motorbike instead.

So I’m listing my Strida for 1p on ebay as I don’t want to throw it away. It may be of use to some readers here who are looking for mark one spares.

The rear hub is wrecked after being left with the brake hard on for 10 years in a shop which distorted it. The top bracket is cracked, but is not too bad, everything else is pretty much like new, since I can’t sell it as a working bike, I figure it will be cheap.

Worth a try, would be a shame to get no bids and bin it when there are probably mark 1s out there is need of a few spares.

If you’re interested it’s on ebay for 10 days, search for Strida Cheap. Bike is in Woking surrey. I’ll check back here in a few days.
Kind Regards, John.

Wish I saw your message 3 years ago!

Strida 1’s regularly come up on ebay UK - they usually sell for under £100 (UKP) … I guess the only snag would the cost of shipping out of UK would be much more than this :cry:

here is a generic search: … m270.l1313