My First Mini Ride.

Happy New Year Fellow Strida Owners,

The day after I collected my Mini the snow and ice came to London. But after all the Christmas and New Year Festivities my Mini and I have been able to go for our first real ride together.

Yippee, I love my Mini. We went on a bike shop finding mission around my home town. One shop was closed for the holidays, one was a chain who were not very helpful but the 3rd one was an independent bike shop who were fasinated by my Mini. Alas they didn’t have a bag to fit my strida so I am going to order the handlebar bag I have seen on the official Strida website.

I confess I did put a gel saddle cover ontop of my saddle as I have read about sore bottoms on this forum and I didn’t want to experience that. I must say it worked wonders. Although we only travelled about 3 miles I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I think the top speed of a Strida is about 19k/h (not sure what this is in miles per hour) but I can tell you, going down hill, I was matching some cars. It was an amazing feeling. I did get tired so I folded my Mini up and jumped on a bus. Wonderful. She takes up less room than those awful buggys and prams, people insist on squeezing onto buses. I am planning on going out tonight so instead of driving which I would normally do, Mini and I are going half way on the bus and then we will ride together to our destination. She has lights, I have a helmet and we are eager to attempt our first official outting together.

By the way, I moved the saddle forward towards the seat tube and I have not experienced anymore wheelies so thanks for the advice.

One final thing, it’s so very cold outside. I foolishly went out without a hat yesterday and I won’t be making the same mistake tonight. Comfort, safety and warmth comes before how I look. LOL!

Talk soon, Rapunzel.

Nice review Rapunzel - Mini in UK must be rare (although I guess there are lots of Mini CARS ! :smiley: )

One last thing - Dont get your hair caught in the belt :mrgreen:


Thanks for the tip about keeping my hair away from the belt. Message noted :stuck_out_tongue:

For my first few rides I have been wearing leggings and although they are the most comfortable type of trouser they are not the most professional.

I am a scientist and I really should wear smart trousers to work as I am in contact with other professionals and patients, however when I rode my Mini in my “work” clothes I kept getting my right trouser leg caught in the belt. (I know, I know, it clearly says in all the literature AND on my bike, NOT to wear loose fitting clothing). But me being me thought I knew better.

What do other people do for Strida riding atire?? I can’t bring my clothes with me as they get crushed in my bag. Does anyone use bicycle clips or anything like that?

Look forward to your replies.

Rapunzel x

Hi Rapunzel,

I use this on my right trouser leg when I ride my Strida. :sunglasses:

Reflective safety pant strap

I think you can find some better trouser straps/clips in the UK. :wink:

Hi Rapunzel,

straps like Amuro’s suggestion also work best for me.
When not riding I use the strap for holding the steering bars together.

If you (or maybe your mother?) are familiar with a sewing machine, you could produce such straps by yourself, using some velcro tape and reflective materials like these:
[url]Good wheel reflectors?]
(I’m still working on that, meanwhile I had to maintain my old “Singer”… :wink: )

btw…Thanks for your reports! :smiley:

For fashion questions I suggest to look here:

B. r.