My Brompton

This is my first Brompton. :sunglasses:

SON Hub Dynamo

I brought it home finally!

Nice thingy and even better with that Brooks! Was always curios about Bromptons… How long does it take to fold/unfold?

Nice one Armuro Lee,

I got one some time ago, too. :slight_smile:


Compared with the Strida - much longer and the Strida is a lot easier to roll/carry. :slight_smile:
I need about 20s, compared 3s for my Strida.

Thanks! :mrgreen:
It can be just a few seconds to fold or unfold the Brompton after practice. :wink:

Nice Brommy Tom__!

Different types of folding bikes have different pros and cons. I would like to collect them all if I have enough money and space. :blush:

Phew! That’s why they’re foldable after all! Just be sure not to unfold them all at once :smiley:
I know what I’m talking about – I keep four road bikes in my 2 sq. m shed – the most difficult part is to untwist them before having a ride :slight_smile:

I totally understand that feeling. :slight_smile:
Of course I will keep my Strida.

My biggest “pros” of the Brompton:

  • luggage system
  • hub dynamo
  • chain is inside after folding
  • folded size

My wife has a Brompton. I find it to be superior to the Strida for winter riding (probably not much of a worry in Hong Kong). I also like it better for certain transport situations, such as in small cars.

My biggest pet peeves up til now: lots of bespoke parts (ok, Strida has these too but there are fewer of them and they are simpler to maintain); and the standard plastic rollers, which are also necessary for correct balance when the bike is folded and standing, are not very durable. I’m looking into replacing them with rubber ones.

Maybe of interest:

Brompton Eazy Wheels

Brompton folding bike - Eazy wheels youtube

Or these?

Easy Wheel

Roller Wheel

Btw, have a safe ride, you Bromptonauts :mrgreen:

ERGON GR2 BioKork Handgrips with bar ends & Brooks D-Shaped Tool Bag added on my Brompton :sunglasses:

Color kickstand (for disc-brake Birdy) installed on my Brompton. :sunglasses:

Go Shopping :wink: