Multi-mode commuting in Metro Manila


Is there anybody here who commutes daily in multi-mode in Metro Manila? I am considering a new job (more or less 8 am to 5 pm) in Makati. The plan is as follows:

  1. 15 Minute Strida ride to LRT 2 Station Katipunan.
  2. LRT 2 ride Katipunan to Cubao.
  3. Change from LRT 2 to MRT 3 (15 minutes).
  4. MRT 3 ride from Cubao to Buendia.
  5. 15 Minute Strida ride to office in Salcedo Village.

Many years ago when I tried to catch the connection in Cubao, trains would come in, doors would open, nobody would leave, and nobody could enter as the trains where hopelessly full. I ended up taking a cab on EDSA.

The above was posted by Blumentritt, not Guest. Anyway, some add on questions:

  1. Are there any problems bringing the Strida on the train during rush hours?
  2. Rather than using my Strida LT I am considering to get the EVO with 3 speed gearbox. Would that be an advisable investment? I guess the question is about the trade off of speed versus weight.
  3. A completely different approach would be to put the Strida into the trunk and drive in a car with my wife to Fort Bonifacio (her workplace) and take the Strida from there. Are people doing that? I only see people using racing bikes but never have seen a Strida biker.

Hi Blumentritt!

I know it’s been 3 years since you posted here. I just got my Strida last week and is also planning a bi-modal way of transportation in Manila.

How was your Strida? You still have it? Were you able to use it as you planned? OTW to work.