Mudguards for Strida with Big Apple tires

Aprox. 6 weeks ago I changed standard Strida Kenda Kwest tires to Schwalbe Big Apple. Generally they are better on bad quality roads, old sidewalks and wrongly designed bike tracks. With proper pressure - maximum that gives comfort and enough hard tires to ride fast.
But I found problem that mudguards are very close to the tires. Normally it is no big problem. Mudguards still protect against water from puddles, but no so good - tires are wider than mudguards. Real problem appear on real mud. Mud is transported from ground by tire to mudguard and too small gap between mudguard and tire cause that mud stay between them making additional resistance.
So I have the following question: If somebody made some mudguards replacement for Strida? Im not interested in solution with moving standard mudguards little bit like solution with 18’’ wheels. I would prefer solution like some DIY solution with redoing some metal mudguards from child’s bike or other folder.
I have some ideas but maybe ready solution was invented?

The mudguards can be made to fit 18" tyres … … 7358319218
so you might get more clearance on Big apples using this technique.

Otherwise search over at for a guy called ‘Chop’ who has been successfully using big apples on his Strida.
god luck and please let us know how you get on - Big apples seem to get high ratings.

As I wrote, I found solution for 18’’ wheels. But in case of Big Apples it is half solution. Tires are wider than mudguards.
My idea is to buy 2x rear steel or aluminium mudguard for 16’’ child bicyce and cut them to fit to Strida and tires and to add some metal mounting part. I will return to this matter when more bad weather days press me to try this :slight_smile:

I am making wooden (yes, wooden) mudguards for a sport duo with 18" wheels and Schwalbe Marathon racers. I’ll post some pictures at when it’s done.

Warning 18" Schwalbe Big Apples WILL NOT fit your Strida with 18" wheels. Forget about the fenders, you will not even get the wheel on because the tire hits the frame before you can align the wheel with the axle. I know because I have tried.

Anybody want to buy a set of 18" Big Apples cheap -brand new never used -not for your Strida though.

Wooden mudguards? Nice. Reminds me of the Civia bamboo fenders:

BTW, savedbybikes: I saw that you sell sliver and pink Strida SD on your site. Will there be other colors available later? If so, what colors will they be? Thanks in advance.

Yes, very much like that, except rounded side-to-side.

Sport Duos are now sold out, I am sending my last one to Japan today. I have not seen any indication of when they will be available.

Hi Savedbybikes

Do you think the Spoort Duo will be discontinued?



I don’t know for sure. They may continue to be a specialty item; manufactured/released in small quantities.

Why is that? Do they have technical issues? Are they too expensive to produce? Does this mean that there will be no standard Strida product with 2 speeds?

Don’t worry. I have 16" BigApples.
From aesthetic point of view wooden mudguards looks as good idea. I assume that it wouls be made of bent plywood.
But what with water-resistance? Some painting, impregnation or stabilisation by epoxy resin?

Well, I am not saying they won’t be produced; they are just not currently listed anywhere.

Similar to plywood, but I think better in this case, I will laminate white oak. Laminating a few thin pieces into one will allow me to form it to the circumference of the tire and round it over side-to-side. Yes, I will use epoxy resin.