Monkii available in the UK

This may not be news to other UK members, but in case it is I have found a Monkii dealer in the UK. are based in Hampshire and seem to stock most of the range including the Strida clamp, which came as a bit of a surprise. I have placed an order for the clamp and the V cage, which takes a wide range of bottles. I will report back when they turn up here.

I have the received the Monkii Clip and V-Cage from Miles at

The clip is extremely robust as is the V-Cage, although the part that the bottle rests on is flexible, but I think that you would have to be determined to break this. The good thing about this cage is the wide range of bottles it can carry due to the design of the cage itself and the velcro strap. The way that the V-Cage connects to the grommets should make a very strong connection and I would have little worry of it coming adrift from the bike.

The service that Miles gives is far beyond what you might expect on such a small purchase. It is more like discovering an old friend than dealing with an online shop. He didn’t have his online payment system set up so rang me to take the card details. We had a yarn about where I live, a place that he has cycled to, which is no mean feat in itself.

I couldn’t find any fault in the products or the service. Miles even threw in a small bag of sweets, always a nice touch.

You can see the range of Monkii kit here: -

There are plenty of vids on YouTube