Moderator HELP, I can't register or contact a moderator

OK, I messed up and said I was under age when registering to be a member here.
So then I get an email to fax or physically mail parental approval.
The email has no fax number or mailing address.
So I reply to and it gets rejected.
I can’t contact any moderator because one has to be an approved member to do so.
So there is no way for any kid to actually register and idiots like me can’t contact a moderator.

If a mod sees this please grant me access.
The username was: ttakata73

My proof of being an adult is my website

Hello ttakata73,

in case of ongoing issues, please try also to contact Garry via:

I’d be happy to receive mails outside of the forum,

but in this case it would be useless, I don’t have enough rights to solve your actual problem.
(This will apply to each mod here, there are admin rights required.)

Anyway, please don’t worry, there was already a mail sent to Garry, I’m sure he will help us as soon as possible :smiley:

Kind regards,


Well after some trouble-shooting with blackstridaaustria and Garry, I am a new forum member.
These guys are awesome!; they spent a lot of time fixing my membership problem.

I look forward to getting an LT or SX soon soon so I can do all sorts of mods like I have with my other bicycles.

at Stridaforum!

Thank you very much, we’re very happy about new members :smiley: