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Hello to anyone out there. I have two Striders that I inherited some years age along with a quantity of spares. I have ridden them from time to time, mainly when taking them with me touring in my caravan. I am no longer a caravanner and they have been stored for a few years in my shed. As I have no use for them any more I am considering selling them. I believe they are very early models but wondered if there was any way that I could find out. As the Strider is a ‘Marmite’ type of bike I thought that people on a site such as this would be the best way to find out more about them and their value, along with maybe finding a buyer for them. Can anyone help please?

Hi bigal,

you should be able to verify the version number by using this document:
Regarding value please consider that spare parts for all models shown above are partially not any longer in production. Therefore I’d say that the value is generally low, except you can find somebody who is looking for a part which is intact at your bikes.

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Thanks for your reply, I wasn’t aware about the double post thing, I am a newbie and was just trying to maximise my chance of an answer. I wondered if this site was the best place to advertise them, or if not where would be. Any suggestions?

Certainly no problem :wink:
Well, this forum is a little bit abandoned…and kind of antique.
To get rid off them I’d use nowadays local online market places, perhaps also platforms like facebook or instagram.
Anyway, if you want to sell them it will be advantageous to verify what you’ve got in fact.
Do you have some images?

Thanks again for your time and interest. It’s a shame if the site is getting little use but I guess with all that’s out there, sometimes somethings get left behind. I don’t use Facebook or Instagram and that is why I was pleased to stumble across this site. I like the bikes and love the concept of the way they fold etc. However it seems a shame for them to just sit at the back of my shed if someone would like to make good use of them, or even if someone was interested in them because they are very early models, or so I believe. It isn’t easy for me to get at them at the moment to get pictures but I will as soon as I can, although it will possibly be in the new year now. I’ve looked at info regarding the early models and they seem to be the same. They have the fixed handlebars as opposed to the folding ones, which I understand were introduced quite early on. Everything about the bikes works fine, although they do have age related marks, and I also have some spares as well. I’ll post some pics when I can and hope that they get seen and maybe arouse some interest.

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In fact me neither, but recently I’m thinking of Instagram…
However, I mean you need images online.
Please feel free to send images directly to my address below if you don’t want to tinker with resizing and upload :smiley:

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