MK1 Refurbishment

Evening All,

Just finished a refurbishment of my MK1 that I bought for £50 on The seat mount was broken so that has been replaced with a new QR version. I have replaced the original saddle with a new Strida one and have bought today a set of Schwalbe Road Cruiser 16 x 1.75 tyres. I have to say my MK1 looks great…kind of like a “Stealth Bomber” Strida …black everything apart from the small flashes of grey plastic on the new seat and the yellow on the top joint. I am off to London tomorrow for work and will be cycling across the city on it. I am hoping it will handle much better with the new rubber as it was still wearing the original white walls.

Long Live the Mk1

Giles the Viking

Love to see some photos.

Bill Wilby

Afternoon Stridistas!!

I have not been on the Forum for a while…I have been enjoying riding my trusty MK1 around London all summer…what fun!!

I was wondering if anyone would know where I can purchase a replacement rear drive mechanism for my MK1 incorporating the drum for the rear brake please? Mine has had some serious wear internally due to the brake blocks deteriorating and rubbing on the liner! I could get it re-lined I suppose if all else fails. I have had to loosen off the rear brake as I do not want to do anymore damage.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Giles,

if you mean part nr. 10 I’m afraid it will be most likely impossible to find replacement :frowning:

All you could try is to use a metal Strida 3 wheel - on these versions is the rear pulley incorporated in the hub. Same for the brake assembly - if the 3 version fits you’re a winner…