MK1 Fenders/ Seat

Hi All,
I’m a new Strida MK1 owner, and super excited to own such a cool piece of bicycling history ! Great job, Mr. Sanders ! My bike needs a pair ( or at least one ) of fenders, and the correct seat. I purchased a Viscount 2325 seat which appears to be correct though it has visible springs underneath- Is that correct ? Thanks !

Hi Bbike,

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Hope you found already more info about your ancient piece,
it seems that the original saddle from back then didn’t have springs:

Good luck,


Thanks, Chris ! I read on the forum that someone stated that they had a Viscount seat on their Mk1. The photo of the underside showed a model 2325. I found one, though it has springs underneath. The seat looks accurate, otherwise. Assuming this is incorrect, I may look to convert it to a rail style for accuracy, if that’s possible. In the meantime, I’ll continue the search for another seat. Unable to find accurate MK1 fenders, so I’ve purchased a later style with hopes they’ll fit. Amazing bike! Just replaced a front inner tube - so easy ! Love this bike ! Excellent!